Arizona Republic: Charter students of every racial and ethnic group top performers

The Arizona Republic recently “Fact Checked” a statement from Arizona Charter Schools Association President and CEO Eileen Sigmund and found that it’s true: Arizona’s public charter school students from all racial and ethnic groups outperformed the state average for their subgroup on 2017 AzMERIT.

“AZ Fact Check made that comparison, however, and found the “percentage passing” in each ethnic subgroup in charter schools was higher than district schools,” according the Republic. “Sigmund’s statement is true using the association’s methodology and the publicly available data provided by the Arizona Department of Education.”

In September, Sigmund tweeted the statement, which was based off the Association’s “Public Charter School Performance, Analyses of 2017 AzMERIT Data” fact sheet.

Three-year trend for AZ charter students: all racial & ethnic groups outperforming state average for their subgroup @AZCharterSchool

The Association compared the percentage passing in seven different ethnic subgroups and the percentage passing in just charter schools. The Republic‘s “AZ Fact Check” conducted its own analysis and found that charter students in the seven racial and ethnic subgroups did indeed outperform the state average.

You can read the Republic’s AZ Fact Check here.


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