The importance of a child’s first years of life as the foundation for intellectual, emotional and social development has long been established by psychologists, doctors and educators.

Maria Montessori pioneered research in this area and developed a specialized classroom approach to meet the young and older child’s needs. Children are highly motivated to learn, to understand themselves and the world around them and to master the skills required in all areas of life. The Montessori Schoolhouse provides a comprehensive program for the development of intellectual, social and physical skills. A few simple ground rules teach the children to respect and care for others sharing the environment and materials. Within these limits, the children are free to choose their own work and progress at their own pace. Teachers give instruction on an individual basis. All subjects are taught with hands-on materials; all concepts are taught concretely; each material is designed to present one new concept at a time and, as much as possible, to provide the opportunity for children to correct their own mistakes.

The primary goals of the Montessori Schoolhouse are to instill self-confidence and independence, to promote concentration and a love of learning, and to build a strong academic foundation in each child.